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Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) is a comprehensive treatment model which includes release of a range of attached entities. The clearance of entities is followed by gentle, yet powerful, form of hypnotherapy and dynamic psychotherapy (including Internal Family Systems) to overcome the past trauma invariably associated with spiritual attachment.


If you have a physical or psychological problem that has resisted conventional or alternative treatments, it may be because treatment has been compromised by the presence of attached entities. Occasionally, entity clearing is all that is required, but usually follow-up treatments are necessary and will be more effective because of the clearing already achieved. I am able to clear attached entities with one-hundred-percent success because I can see and communicate with them, and effectively dispatch them. Therefore, you can be absolutely certain of the result of the clearing, and be confident the entity will never be able to return to plague you or anyone else. Note: I can perform clearing work remotely by entering into a state of trance or in a face to face consultation.


Your symptoms may include:

Insomnia and nightmares                                                                      Difficulty concentrating            

Post accident or hospitalisation emotional disturbances                 Being choked in bed at night

A feeling of being stuck or oppressed                                                 Feeling of something sitting on your chest at night

The feeling there is another person inside you                                   Or feeling pinned to the bed at night 
Feeling there is someone shadowing you                                            Fleetingly seeing another face in the mirror                      Obsessive sexual behaviour                                                                   Substance abuse

Persistent fatigue                                                                                    Anger and uncontrollable rage

An uncharacteristic change in personality                                           A history of self sabotage

    Two stage therapy 

Stage 1:  SRT

A full body scan to detect and clear entities from your energy body and subconscious mind. This includes tracing entities back to source and dealing with that source, if appropriate. 


Stage 2:  Emotionally Focused Therapy

 After you are cleared of attached entities and negative past life influences, Emotionally Focused Therapy enables the resolution of conflicting or protective patterns of thinking or behavior based on fear, anxiety, low self esteem, for example, that have previously blocked resolution of life issues. Such issues as childhood trauma, grief, depression, addiction, sexual abuse, benefit from this form of therapy. 

If you are not sure if your issue can be helped by the two-stage process I offer, call on +6142 573 2428 for a no-charge chat to see if I can assist you. Alternatively, you can use the Get In Touch form on the Contact Page.

    The Road Home,  Channelled by                          Brett Farrell

An invaluable guide on how to drop your         little ego self and approach and   
       connect to the awesome spiritual 
     power of your Real Self.

Sienna's experience
I've been on a spiritual journey for many years now and I have come a long way, however for some reason I felt stuck, flat and almost like I could not travel any further. One of my family members recommended Brett to me after having a profound healing experience herself. So I contacted him to see if anything was blocking my progress. I felt comfortable and like I was in good hands instantly.

 Brett guided me through some powerful inner child work and cleared away a large controlling entity that had been affecting my energy and limiting me my entire life. Once we completed the process almost immediately there was a shift in my habits and personality. My relationship with my Dad reconnected in a way never before after healing the aspect of my inner child. I feel free again and since our consultations I have made leaps and bounds in my spiritual awakening. For this I will always be grateful to Brett and I thank him sincerely. 

Lisa's remarks

(After first session of SRT.)

Hi Brett

Woke up in peace this morning  . . .
Cannot even begin to describe what that’s like.
Am noticing such a difference in myself.
Thanks so much already.


The two volumes of The Road Home will change your ideas about God, who you are, sex, relationships and the purpose of your life on this planet. Invaluable for revealing the egoic traps waiting for the unwary on the path to enlightenment. A must have for the serious seeker.

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