About Brett

I am a clinical hypnotherapist from a government accredited college.

I have worked as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist for ten years, and prior to that worked as a mental health caseworker for many years.

Some years after moving into private practice I had a spontaneous experience in which a client I had been working with face to face appeared in front of me in an astral (non-physical) form. Within this form I saw a contorted and raging entity screaming at me, and I realised the entity represented the rage the client was feeling about his childhood of abuse and neglect. I found it a relatively straight forward task to immobilise and then remove that entity, placing it in a place from which it could not return. On our next meeting, my client was significantly calmer that on previous sessions. Realising the therapeutic potential of this experience, I sought further training in psychic development and over time refined my skills and developed protocols which allowed this modality to enhance regular counselling and psychotherapy.

After working with non-physical entities for many years I have deepened immensely my understanding of the nature of and motivations behind spirit attachment, and methods of dealing with it, even with the strongest and most powerful spiritual entities. In many cases, gentle but highly effective Spirit Release Therapy gives immediate relief, sometimes from problems that have been present for decades.

Other Qualifications:

Diploma: Clinical Hypnotherapy

Diploma: Ego State Therapy

Diploma: Holistic Counselling

Diploma: Natural Therapies

Reiki Master


Flight MH 370:
An example of Psychic Work

Shortly after Flight MH 370 went missing over the Indian Ocean in March 2014, I was meditating in a group situation when I suddenly found myself under water. That didn't surprise me because I'm used to visiting unusual places in meditation.

But what struck me this time was that I was approaching the sloping fuselage of a passenger plane -- underwater. I entered the craft through a rent in the side of the fuselage to be confronted by a woman of Asian appearance, who raged at me shouting, "Why didn't they do something? They knew for hours we were off course." Then she screamed at me to take her home to her family.

I realised she did not understand that she had died in that plane. She was the only passenger remaining; presumably the others had passed over to the Light. I tried to tell her that she could not go home, but she wasn't listening, she just kept yelling, trapped in a state of shock. 

At that moment I looked up and saw, not too far away, an Asian family of two adults and two children, watching us and waiting patiently. I pointed them out to the remaining passenger and said, 'There's your family, over there.' The woman immediately dashed across to them and then departed with her family members.

I was aware that the pilot, who had planned and orchestrated the crash of the aircraft, was still in the cockpit in a highly disturbed state, but I was unable to help him that day, for immediately I was back in the room in which I sat in meditation. This was a little unusual in that I did not choose to visit Flight MH 370, but was more or less summoned. Maybe my Higher Self had heard the woman's cries for help. I went back later, looking for the captain, but he was no longer present by that time. 

I have performed many 'rescues' of deceased people who were unaware they were in fact deceased, and some of those who were aware they were deceased but were too frightened to move on; however, MH 370 was certainly one of the more unusual cases.