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Spirit Release Therapy

What is Spirit Attachment?
Spirit attachment occurs when a discarnate being -- a being without a physical body -- a spirit, attaches itself to you. This may create symptoms that you have been unable to rid yourself of with conventional treatments and alternative therapies. 
You may have experienced:
Unnatural fatigued
Ever-changing complex physical symptoms
Persistent nightmares
Unwanted visits during the night when asleep
A cold spot in the house where you feel uneasy
A darkness in yourself after a traumatic experience
A sudden feeling that something has entered and occupied you
Feeling you are being watched
Mentally opposed and blocked in achieving goals
Electrical equipment continually failing in your presence
Animals disliking being in your presence?
These a just some of the symptoms you may experience with spirit attachment, but whatever the symptoms, they will always resist orthodox treatment. 

What do I have to do to get rid of it?
You may be distressed to think  a being of some sort is attached to you, but remember, we are not talking about a physical entity, and spirit attachment is far more common than most people realise.  
Years of experience have allowed me to develop the protocols to deal  with all manner of entities with 100% effectiveness. I receive many clients who have received ineffective treatments from other practitioners. The advantage you have when you work with me, whether we are working remotely or face-to-face, is that with my psychic ability I can clearly perceive the non-physical form affecting you.  
There are two main types of attaching beings: those that have had lives in physical bodies and have failed to go to the Light after death, called earth bound entities (EBE’s). These can be quite benign, for instance, if a child dies in hospital it may attach to the kind nurse who has been offering care. It may cause no trouble although the nurse may be aware of its existence.
There exists a number of entities that have never had a physical existence in a human form. The most troublesome are  dark entities (DE’s).  DE's are always malignant, dedicated to destroying your physical, emotional and mental health.
There are a number of other types of DE’s including thought forms, curses, past life personalities or memories and holographic fragments of other people's personalities. Only in the rarest of situations is it advisable to allow an EBE or DE to remain attached to you.
If I Have an Attached Entity, Does it Mean There is Something Wrong with Me?
Certainly not. You don’t think there is something fundamentally wrong with you if you catch the flu, apart from having the flu. 

People who use drugs and alcohol to excess nearly always have attachments because not only does substance addiction open and weaken the aura, but the substances themselves have an energy form which lodges in the user.

An ex-partner or significant person in your life, whether alive or deceased, may project an holographic energetic version of themselves into you. The motive may be to support or protect you, such as a mother supporting a child, but can be a negative attempt to possess and dominate. Either way, that form of projection will prevent you from fulfilling your life contract.
Children and Adolescents and SRT
It seems to be easy for entities to attach to children and adolescents. Children because their energy structure has not firmed-up in the way an adult's has, and therefore does not offer as much protection, and adolescents because they are often going through an emotionally turbulent period of their lives, and sometimes experiment with drugs and black magic, such as Ouija boards. I work with children and adolescents with behavioural problems with excellent results.

How Are Spirits Evicted?
Earth-bound entities are removed by direct negotiation between the entities and the therapist. Dark Entities rarely leave of their own free will and firmness is required in dealing with them. However, this is quite unlike the more violent process of exorcism, and will not traumatise you as can happen with a traditional exorcism.

I guarantee you gentle treatment, full confidentiality and the opportunity to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.


Energy, vibration, and the spirit


Hi Brett

How are you?  Please see below for my testimonial.

I initially went to see Brett for assistance in overcoming lack of confidence and blockages I felt were holding me back from fully experiencing life at its fullest.  I had, what I can only describe as, a road block in my mind; I knew what I wanted to achieve in life but there was something stopping me from getting there that went much deeper than anything I could recognise myself. 

During the hypnotherapy Brett guided me into what I believed to be a past life of living alone in the woods surrounded by animals and so hurt by past relationships I cut myself off from the world.  Through guidance from Brett it was revealed that this was not my past life but that of an entity which had attached itself to me at birth. 

Brett’s expert questioning allowed the entity to leave me and I felt like a weight had been lifted from me and the heaviness and blockages removed.  I can’t describe how utterly different I felt after this session; it was like a new lease on life.  It’s now been 6 weeks since I had the hypnotherapy and the changes and shifts I have felt are still there and I feel much more positive, confident and most of all happy about all aspects of my life.

I have no hesitation in recommending Brett as a therapist.  He is kind, patient, empathetic and has a gentle manner of questioning which puts you at ease.  I had tried hypnotherapy before, but it did not have the profound and life changing effect of my session with Brett. 


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When our spiritual form is glimpsed it reveals that the physical form is but a small and temporary representation of the brilliant, glorious beings of light that we really are. It is this spiritual reality that dark entities and our own ego-based thought forms would prevent us from realising.

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