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To Make an Appointment
Dear Customer:
Please do not send money until you have communicated with me by phone or email or WhatsApp. 
This will give us the opportunity to discuss your needs, and how I can help you.

I do not work as a pure psychic, although I have and use advanced psychic skills.  I am a therapist, therefore, the more information you give me about the area of your life you want to improve, the better able I am to help you. 

Callers from Outside Australia
I will return your call and take a brief history of the person requiring assistance.

A photo of the person requiring help will be necessary for me to tune make psychic contact. 
Text photos to: 
Note: All information is regarded as highly confidential and is not, in the ordinary course of events, passed on, sold or revealed to ​a third party.

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The Yarra River in Melbourne Australia, the home of

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