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  Dear Customer:

  Please do not send money until you have
communicated with me by
phone or email or
   WhatsApp or Messanger


  This will give us the opportunity to discuss      your needs, and how I can help you.
  I do not work as a pure psychic, although I have    and use advanced psychic skills.  I am a      therapist, therefore, the more information you    give me about the area of your life you want to    improve, the better able I am to help you. 

 Callers from Outside Australia

  Ideally, to provide the best  service I need:

  •   A   brief note on the reasons why you feel Spirit    Clearing and Healing would benefit the person     requiring assistance

  •   Your phone number

  •   A photo of the person requiring help

  Send photo by WhatsApp or an attachment to:


 House Clearing
 When applying for house clearing please     


  •  The exact address of the property

  •  The number of people who usually reside at 
       that  address, and 
    their given names 

  •   The evidence that makes you believe the house    is occupied by entities, unless the residence           shows no sign of being haunted and you just         want the residence checked to make sure it is       clean

 Note: All information is regarded as highly        confidential and is not, in the ordinary course
  of events, passed on, sold or revealed to ​a third    party.

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                   Personal Spirit Release
                             and Healing 

                      (2 Remote Sessions)



                   Enhanced Remote Spirit
                 Release and Psychotherapy

                     Unlimited Sessions For
                               0ne Month    

                More On This Excellent Offer



                       Personal Face to Face  




                        House Cleansing 

                   (100% Success Rate)


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