I have extensive experience in clearing buildings and properties.
I am often called to remove powerful dark entities other practitioners have been unable to evict. 
If a portal is opened in a house, accidentally or on purpose, dangerous dark entities may be the cause of the insomnia, stress, illness or mental breakdown, that someone in your house may be experiencing.

Children in particular are adept at 'sighting' additional non-physical residents. This can cause chronic behavioural and sleep disturbances in children. However, not all resident spirits are negative, grumpy or possessive. They may just want to be left alone, but as long as they are present there will be a  disturbing influence within the house.

Bree's Experience with  House Clearing

After purchasing an existing property and living in it for almost 12 month, the seemingly negative energy was affecting both my husband and I - not to mention our children - so drastically, that we were in the process of selling the property!

As a last resort we enlisted Brett’s help to clear the house, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous!

Not only have the children settled, my husband and I are getting along better and we’ve fallen back in love with our home!! We’ve decided to stay put and pour all our new found love back into the house and create our dream property!

We really can’t thank Brett enough. 

Bree & Joe






Signs of a Haunting

  • A persistent cold spot in a particular part of the house. Often giving you an  uncomfortable feeling when you enter that space. Pets may be unwilling to stay in or enter into that part of the house.

  • You see shadows or greyish forms moving through parts of the house; you will often see these in your peripheral vision, rather than with direct vision.

  • Hearing noises that cannot be accounted for, or finding that small objects have been moved, or have disappeared.

  • A general oppressive feeling in the house or finding your mood changes when you enter the residence or particular rooms, e.g. you feel depressed or angry.

  • Realising that you and other occupants of the house seem to have experienced a run of bad luck since moving in; uncharacteristically having had a series of accidents or mishaps.

  • A sense that you are being watched.

  • Children say they can see entities and are frightened to go to bed at night.


Ancient Entities:

In some cases the entities do not actually move INTO a home, but have been resident on the land the house is built on for perhaps hundreds or thousands of years. A houses have been built literally on top of them.

A house may be sited on an ancient trail used by indigenous people, and still traveled by astral entities, or by caretakers of the land. As a result residents may become aware of spiritual entities walking through a certain part of their house on a regular or occasional basis.

Energy Fields/Thought Forms

If former residents have had many arguments, or traumatic events have occurred in the residence, the energy from those events can condense into an energy field in a particular part of the house. Or if a previous occupant had an obsessive mental preoccupation, that mental energy can form into a thought form that will in some respects have the characteristics of a living, non-physical entity.



I can negotiate with, and remove, entities from your house or place of work. As with Spirit Release work this is most efficiently performed remotely, in which case I work directly with the entities themselves with no distractions.

Fee: $175.00 (Note: this fee may include more than one sitting)

           However if you want me to visit your premises, there may be additional cost, purely
           because of the extra time involved.


Call me (Brett) on +614 2573 2428