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I have extensive experience in clearing buildings and properties.
I am often called to remove powerful entities other practitioners have been unable to evict. If a portal is opened in a house, accidentally or on purpose, dangerous dark entities may be the cause of the insomnia, stress, illness or mental breakdown, that someone in your house may be experiencing.

Children in particular are adept at 'sighting' additional non-physical residents. This can cause chronic behavioural and sleep disturbances in children. However, not all resident spirits are negative, grumpy or possessive. They usually just want to be left alone, but as long as they are present there will be a disturbing influence within the house.

I clear houses and properties of ghosts anywhere in the world.


I have a 100% success rate with house and land clearing, including ghosts and negative energies from conflict zones and trauma 

Bree's Experience with  House Clearing

After purchasing an existing property and living in it for almost 12 month, the seemingly negative energy was affecting both my husband and I - not to mention our children - so drastically, that we were in the process of selling the property!

As a last resort we enlisted Brett’s help to clear the house, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous!

Not only have the children settled, my husband and I are getting along better and we’ve fallen back in love with our home!! We’ve decided to stay put and pour all our new found love back into the house and create our dream property!

We really can’t thank Brett enough. 

Bree & Joe


Di's Experience

Dear Brett

So happy and content taking this opportunity to share with you. I am living my life in a constant state of appreciation for all the support and light you shone on me in my time of need. In March 2020, I started living in a hell hole and this continued for 9 months of fear, anxiety, stress and chronic depression. I was not in a good place. There were times when I questioned my own sanity. I had a total of 6 mediums and a priest visit my house to release the negative energies in my bedroom, but to no avail. It was only after engaging with you that the negative energy was convinced to go to the light.

I can’t thank you enough. After 9 months of restless and broken sleep with spirits breathing on my face, noises coming from my pillow sand so forth, I have escaped this trauma with the help of your expertise.

Blessings, Light and Love to you from Di 

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