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Children can be helped by SRT.
It is a gentle process, and often when performed remotely children do not even know the work is being done for them. But, nevertheless, if the therapy is called for, the improvement in behavior and happiness will be significant.
If you notice that the behavior of your children has fundamentally changed in a negative way, then it is wise to check to see if that change is caused by an entity or thought form lodged in the energy field of you or your child.
Change of behavior in children may also be caused, not from an entity as such, but by an accumulation and solidification of dark emotional energy resulting from a difficult experience e.g. a stay in hospital away from mum and dad, bullying at school, sexual abuse, trauma from watching the news on TV.
Children can themselves create a dark figure or monster that haunts them. For insance, if they become frightened of or fascinated by a dark character in a scary film or video, their subconscious mind will create scenarios including that character, making it bigger and more realistic until it is a thought-form beyond the power of the child to control with the conscious mind.  
A Testimonial
Nine-year-old Harry;  Thank you, Brett for this beautiful and wonderful report - it’s blown my mind. We’ve been so lucky to have you work on Harry.He is a changed boy and definitely more mature loving and cooperative.
I’m sure or I hope we will work with you again.
With much gratitude; Agnes.

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