You will find it hard to experience the joy and happiness in life that you seek if you have an entity attached to you that is pursuing its own agenda. An attached entity very rarely has your best interests at heart.

Once you have engaged me we will communicate via phone, Skype or text. At this point I am keen to hear exactly what it is that troubles you, and then I will know how I can help you, and if it is appropriate for me to do so. 

 This intensive program is proving successful with complex cases. For example, clients with mental health issues often have dark entities attached, but once I have removed those entities, the client needs a program to help them overcome the negative thought patterns and view of the world that became habitual for them while under the influence of the previously attached entities. 
In the  enhanced program I perform a main session, send you a written report on that session, and then, instead of one follow up, you receive five short follow up sessions over a period of a month -- keeping you informed periodically as I proceed. A larger number of interventions close together prove to have greater impact than less more widely separated sessions. These sessions allow me to go deeper into psychological causes with parts therapy and regression therapy,  as well as past life issues (including interference from unresolved past life personalities) and spirit cleansing. It provides an enhanced capability of prevent new entities from entering or arising, and of resolving deep underlying issues.  

Note: these sessions may include a house clearing if necessary -- normally a $130.00 item.
The fee has to be a little higher, but in line with my policy of making treatment as affordable as possible I am only charging 
AU$300.00,  which is excellent value for the number of sessions offered over the one month period. 


Everything you reveal is held in strict confidence.

It is also important to note that when I tune into your energy field I am only given information relating to the matter we are working on. I am never given information about other areas of your life. 

Then I will sit, enter a trance state and tune in to your energy field. I work with the Christ Consciousness, so their is no judgement, involved, no recriminations, just in case you were worried such a thing could happen.

The first thing I do is ask your Higher Self for permission to work with you. Once that is granted I will move on and remove  any dark or earth-bound entities from your energy field.

It is important to note that this cannot always be accomplished completely in one session. There are a number of reasons for this; sometimes entities are attached at different levels which cannot all be cleared at the same time. Sometimes, the client is not strong enough to withstand a number of entities being removed simultaneously, requiring the process to be extended over a number of days, or even weeks. 

So, I usually 'sit' twice under the cover of the initial fee; at which point I will contact you via a written report. But it is usual for clients to noticed improvement in their condition before I make my report. 

As the client, you do not have to do anything special while I am working for you. You Higher Self and subconscious mind operate largely independently of the conscious mind in this process because it is your subconscious mind I am working with in remote counselling -- in the same way I would if we were using hypnosis face-to-face.

Psychic Counselling both individuals, couples and otherwise related people, is often necessary in relationships in which attached entities have been present or where there has been some trauma in the past. I conduct most of this remotely in direct contact with the subconscious mind of the people concerned. Excellent results are often obtained. 



As a therapist with psychic abilities, I find remote cleansing of attached entities an efficient and rapid process. Because the entities are foreign to the client, and working from within the subconscious mind of the client, it is easy to deal with those those entities directly rather than translating information through the conscious mind of the client.

Coma Communication

Similarly, when working with the deepest levels of the client's psyche in coma communication, it is just as effective to communicate with the client's psyche from a distance as when sitting by their bedside. 

It is my mission to use these skills to heal and inform. Healing not only for the client directly concerned but also for friends and relatives who are missing or concerned for a loved one.  

     Spirit Release Therapy

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I Am Here For You


If you notice that your behaviour or that of one of your children has fundamentally changed in a negative way, then it is wise to check to see if that change is caused by an entity lodged in the energy field of you or your child.

This is especially so if the behavioural change took place after a significant, or traumatic, life event.

The cleansing of an attached entity, or entities, may save decades of struggling against the will of that entity.

Some negative influences that clients have had to fight are: a heightened desire for alcohol or drugs, gambling, uncontrolled anger, an all-pervading sense of despair and defeat, the presence of a saboteur so that the client despairs of ever succeeding at anything in life.

Click here to contact me for a check -up, and put your mind at rest.


Psychic Communication and          The Psychics Secret


Psychic communication is based on the fact that all minds are joined. You would have had the experience of knowing when someone is going to contact you by phone or internet -- and sure enough, they do. Whenever you think of someone your mind sends out a signal that the other person, if they are sensitive enough, can pick up. 

   You can time travel in your mind in a way that leaves the body far behind. For instance, you can think about the past, or imagine what your future may be like; and each of those exercises will have a real effect on you. Your mood, now, may change dramtically depending on what you remembered from the past or what you imagined in the future. So, you have just travelled to the past and the future, and your body can  do neither of those things. The body merely obeys what the mind commands. 

   The psychics secret is that he or she drops below the level of brain wave activity associated with face-to-face communication goes into a deeper brain wave pattern which is the leve at which all minds are joined. 


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