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Enhanced Spirit Release Healing $600
This program will involve from eight to ten sessions, depending on need. If paid on a session-by-session-basis the cost would be a minimum of $1000.  This Enhanced Program allows time for foundational Stage Two healing beyond the clearing of entities. For instance:
Psychological wounds resulting from trauma, in both children and adults, including removal of perpetrator energy.

  • Counselling to plan the path ahead as you ease into your new outlook on life after your spirit release therapy. 

  • Energy work to heal and soothe the central nervous system and axiotonal realignment. Whenever there has been long term stress from spirit attachment, chronic illness, addiction or other long-term unresolved condition, there will be a lack of balance in the neural structure of the brain and wear and tear to the central and peripheral nervous system. 

  • Dealing with past life trauma or past life personalities operating from within your energy field or externally from a remote source.

  • Rehabilitating or eradicating thought forms or sub-personalities operating from outdated programs preventing healing and growth. 

    With the enhanced program I perform as many sessions as you need over a one-month period. Some of these sessions usually take the form of interactive phone or video consultations. If your situation is critical, I may do remote work for you every day for a period before moving to direct contact work with you. On a session-by-session payment basis this would cost many hundreds of dollars more than the monthly fee. Therapy begins with the recording of a comprehensive history relating to your presenting issue. This is done via telephone and may take up to an hour. A larger number of interventions close together prove to have greater impact than more widely separated sessions. For example, these sessions allow time to work with past life issues; CNS re-calibration; childhood trauma; destructive self-generated thought forms; and in case of psychic attack, to neutralise the power of the perpetrator, thus resolving deep underlying issues instrumental in attracting entities to you. Note: these sessions may include a house or property clearing, normally AU$175.  

The Process of Remote Healing

I am often asked how remote healing is performed.

A remote session involves me entering into a trance state a        Your symptoms may include:nd tuning into your energy field. As the client, you do not have to do anything special while I am working for you remotely. You Higher Self and subconscious mind operate largely independently of the conscious mind in this process. It is your subconscious mind I am working with in remote counselling, in the same way I would if we were using hypnosis face-to-face.


I work with the Christ Consciousness, so there is no judgement involved and no chance of evil spirits attaching to you during the process of spirit release.

Once you have engaged me, we will communicate via phone or email. At this point I am keen to hear exactly what it is that troubles you, and then I will know how I can help you. 

A flower unfolding like the sould of a client

In the right conditions a flower will unfold, and when free to do so will the soul.

Types of Entities Removed

Thought forms - negative, unconsciously self-generated energy forms, experienced internally and/or seen externally

Dark entity attachments - malevolent spirits dedicated to preventing you from fulfilling your potential as a spiritual being.

Earthbound entities - souls of the deceased attached to your energy body.

Ghosts - deceased humans and other entities residing in buildings or on geographical sites.

Past-life personalities and associates -intruding into this current incarnation.

Controlling personality intrusions -  the unwanted energy of ex-partners or controlling parents for example.

Alien monitoring devices - psychic implants introduced by alien researchers.

Cursed-induced attachments - hostile entities or attachments created by fellow humans in this life or past lives.

 Your symptoms may include:

Personality disorders

Mental health issues

Night terrors

Persistent fear, anxiety, paranoia

Uncontrolled anger and rage

Vaccination reaction

Feeling of something sitting on your chest at night

Sleep paralysis

The feeling there is another person inside you          

Feeling there is someone shadowing you

Fleetingly seeing another face in the mirror

Obsessive behaviours

Post-accident or post-hospitalisation emotional disturbances

Unexplained phenomena in your place of residence--especially at night

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Coma Communication 

Do you have a family member or friend in a coma and wish you could communicate with them -- know what is going on in that unresponsive body?

As a psychic I can put myself into a trance state that matches the brain wave pattern that a person in coma is experiencing. In that state of mind I can communicate quite clearly with a comatose person, and then pass that communication on to you. For this type of communication I always obtain permission from the Higher Self of the comatose person before establishing communication with the personality with whom I wish to speak. 

The results of communication with a comatose patient are never predictable; sometimes the person is very confused and not sure why they are in the 'place' they are in; other people may be aware of that has happened to them and have very definite ideas about what they want. However, just as in the waking state, they are often open to negotiation. 

Once given some personal details about the client including a photograph, I can complete the communication on a remote basis. 

It is my mission to use these skills to heal and inform. Healing not only for the client directly concerned but also for friends and relatives who are concerned for a loved one.  


All information is held in strict confidence. Email addresses, phone numbers and other information is not passed on to other parties. 

It is also important to note that when I tune into your energy field, I am only given information relating to the matter we are working on. I am never given information about other areas of your life. 

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