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Have you, or your child, after having been vaccinated, experienced symptoms that will just not go away? Possibly merely annoying, but equally possibly quite debilitating symptoms such as, chronic fatigue, heart palpitations, cognitive impairment, behavioural changes in children, diminished mood, skin rashes, vertigo and, surprisingly, a lowered level of immunity to respiratory illnesses.

Vaccinosis refers to the long term ,chronic, side effects of vaccination. By contrast, short term symptoms occurring after vaccination normally last from one to three weeks. They are an indication of the activation of the immune response in the body, and soon pass.


I have had a number of children referred to me who have failed to thrive since the time of their first vaccination. In each case I found a recognisable energetic figuration in the body that I now know is a reliable indicator that the child’s symptoms are caused by the after-effects of vaccination. In a trance state I can see this energetic configuration in the same way I can see a dark entity in a clients energy body. This applies to adults as well as children. Removal of that identifiable energy complex always resulted in significant improvement in the client’s condition.


A child I worked with had been chronically unwell for years after vaccination, suffering chronic respiratory infections and expressing uncharacteristic anger. His grandmother suspected vaccination as the causative agent. In treating the child I found the tell-tale sign of vaccinosis. Below is the grandmother’s testimonial regarding this case.


Gayle; Queensland

My seven year old grandson was sick after his first vaccination and never regained his health. He was always sick with something and no treatment seemed to help. I decided to ask Brett to check him in case he had an entity in him making him sick.

Brett checked my grandson and said that he took out the negative energy left over from the vaccinations. My grandson is now well again, and showing the energy he used to have as a small child. He is a Leo, but had lost his Leo characteristics. Since the clearing he is showing his playful, loving Leo nature.

Thank you, Brett. It is so good to have our grandson back again.

The Critical Telltale Sign of Vaccinosis

Every substance we put into our bodies has an energy associated with it, whether that be food, water, air or a medication. When I started working with children whose mothers claimed had not been well since being vaccinated, I found variations of this distinctive energy form in all those children. I am now satisfied that form is a reliable sign of vaccinosis in either child or adult.

I should declare here that I am not against vaccination. However, it is undeniable that some people have long term side effects from vaccination. Especially children whose immune system is not fully developed. One theory is that this is because they do not manage to clear from their energy system the ancillary energies associated with the immune-producing agents in the vaccine. Vaccinosis has proved difficult to treat, and I believe this is because the energy that causes it embeds itself very deeply into your energy body, making it difficult to remove with orthodox medication or with therapies geared to boosting the immune system. The problem is the presence of an embedded energetic matrix toxic to your system, and it is this I remove and destroy.


If you think you or your child may be suffering from vaccinosis, contact me for a free preliminary consultation to explore whether that is the case, and whether I can help you.

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