Do you have a family member or friend in a coma and wish you could communicate with them -- know what is going on in that unresponsive body? 

You cannot tell whether in some part of their mind they understand what has happened to them, whether they are healing, in distress, or deciding whether of not they want to return to consciousness at all or take the opportunity to slip away into the next world. 


As a psychic I can put myself into a trance state that matches the brain wave pattern that a person in coma is experiencing. In that state of mind I can communicate quite clearly with a comatose person, and then pass that communication on to you. For this type of communication I always obtain permission from the Higher Self of the comatose person before establishing communication with the personality with whom I wish to speak. 

The results of communication with a comatose patient are never predictable; sometimes the person is very confused and not sure why they are in the 'place' they are in; other people may be aware of that has happened to them and have very definite ideas abut what they want. However, just as in the waking state, they are often open to negotiation. 

There are two ways of proceeding with coma contact:

  1. If the client is in hospital in the Melbourne area I can attend at the hospital

  2. Once given some personal details about the client (a photograph is helpful) I can then complete the communication on a remote basis 

Depression and Anxiety
Lack of motivation and tiredness are common symptoms of depression. They are also common symptoms of spirit attachment. it is wise to be checked for spirit attachment before you embark on antidepressants, which are often very difficult to get free of once your brain has acclimatised to them. 


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