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My mission is to: 
(1) Free you from alien energies and beings that are compromising access to your own healing potential and will sabotaging therapeutic interventions you may pursue. 

(2)  Follow up with powerful Emotionally Focused Psychotherapy (EFP) to help you 
     resolve issues that have previously resisted treatment. 


If you have tried everything but nothing seemed to work, spirit attachment may be the problem.

   Make a free call now to find out how SRT and EFP can benefit you.

                                         Phone: 6142 5732 428


Spirit Release including remote or direct contact

Emotional Focused Parts Therapy including 

Inner Child Therapy

Ancestral Healing

Spiritual Counselling

Grief Counselling including optional psychic contact with deceased

Higher Self Contact and Guidance

Clearing of Curses and psychic attacks

Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

Clearing Intrusive Past Life Personalities or Associates

House and Property Clearing.

Problems commonly exacerbated by the presence of attached entities:


Panic attacks

Insomnia, night terrors

Trauma, PTSD,

Shame, guilt, depression

Sexual abuse trauma


Night terrors, childhood trauma

Drug and Alcohol abuse

Separation anxiety

Difficulty concentration

Being choked in bed at night
Feeling of someone sitting on you at night

Being pinned to the bed at night
Seeing another person's face in the mirror
Anger and uncontrollable rage

Obsessive sexual behavior

Suicidal thoughts
Obsessive thought patterns
Obsessive compulsive behavior


Your symptoms may include:
Insomnia and nightmares                                                                          

Post accident or hospitalisation emotional 
Feeling pinned to the bed at night 
there is another person
Feeling there is someone shadowing you                        Substance abuse

Persistent fatigue                                                                An uncharacteristic change in personality                                  

Heightened level of anxiety                                                                 

Unexplained phobias and fears                                                             
Night terrors in children                                                                           
Depression                                                                                                 disorder 

A history of self sabotage

Types of Entities Removed
Thought forms—negative, self-generated energy forms

Dark entities—malevolent spirits dedicated to attacking humankind

Earthbound entities—souls of the deceased attached to your energy body

Ghosts—deceased humans and other entities residing in buildings or on geographical sites.

Past-life personalities and associates—intruding into this current incarnation.

Alien monitoring devices
Controlling personality intrusions—ex-partners or parents for example.



Animal whispering—dogs, cats, horses, birds.
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Some common problems exacerbated by the presence of attached entities

Anxiety     Phobias      Panic Attacks      Trauma      PTSD     Childhood trauma  


Abandonment issues      Separation anxiety      Night terrors      Sexual abuse trauma 

Insomnia      Depression      Low Self Esteem      Smoking      Drug and alcohol abuse

Guilt      Shame      Anger       

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An invaluable guide on how to drop your         little ego self and approach and   
       connect to the awesome spiritual 
     power of your Real Self.

    The Road Home,  Channelled by                          Brett Farrell

The two volumes of The Road Home will change your ideas about God, who you are, sex, relationships and the purpose of your life on this planet. Invaluable for revealing the egoic traps waiting for the unwary on the path to enlightenment. A must have for the serious seeker.

Available in hard copy
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Australia  $35.00

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Free postage


Some years after moving into private practice I had a spontaneous experience in which a client I had been working with face to face appeared in front of me in an astral (non-physical) form. Within this form I saw a contorted and raging entity screaming at me, and I realised the entity represented the rage the client was feeling about his childhood of abuse and neglect. I found it a relatively straight forward task to immobilise and then remove that entity, placing it in a place from which it could not return. On our next meeting, my client was significantly calmer that on previous sessions.


I realised the therapeutic potential of this experience; that when therapy sometimes failed to help a client, it could be because an attached entity within them was directly opposing the treatment the client was seeking. I sought further training in psychic development and over time refined my skills and developed protocols which allowed this modality to enhance regular counselling and psychotherapy.

I will successfully remove all negative entities, thought forms and alien energies from your energy body. I am 100% accurate in this because with the psychic ability I have developed I can see the entities involved, dialogue with them when necessary, and then gently and permanently remove them from your energy body, and thus from your mind. Many clients come to me after other spirit release therapists have been unsuccessful in clearing attached entities from their biological energy fields or homes and properties.

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Sienna's experience
I've been on a spiritual journey for many years now and I have come a long way, however for some reason I felt stuck, flat and almost like I could not travel any further. One of my family members recommended Brett to me after having a profound healing experience herself. So I contacted him to see if anything was blocking my progress. I felt comfortable and like I was in good hands instantly.

 Brett guided me through some powerful inner child work and cleared away a large controlling entity that had been affecting my energy and limiting me my entire life. Once we completed the process almost immediately there was a shift in my habits and personality. My relationship with my Dad reconnected in a way never before after healing the aspect of my inner child. I feel free again and since our consultations I have made leaps and bounds in my spiritual awakening. For this I will always be grateful to Brett and I thank him sincerely. 

Lisa's remarks

David Watts

With only two sessions with Brett I’ve been able to affect more life changing and long term shifts in my belief patterns and subconscious than I have through all the sessions I’ve had over the years with other practitioners combined. Thanks very much, Brett.

Steve (USA)

What you have done for me has truly set me on a new
path. My thinking, my motivation is new and fresh. I'm
not double thinking myself--there is almost none of that,
consistent with what you stated in your report. My expressed
appreciation to you is an understatement.

Rebecca Hurley 9/9/19 (QLD)


Testimonial for Brett Farrell. 


In a desperate bid to release the draining negative energy that was so deeply attached, impacting on my inner being and soul, I reached out to Brett for SRT.

Upon first contact with Brett, I felt an absolute calmness come over Me, like everything was going to be ok, and that he was going to take care of me.
I trust in Brett & in his work and the results have been mind-blowing!

After our first session I felt physically, mentally & emotionally different.
I felt as though something so heavy and dark had been finally lifted and freed from my body, like a dark hovering ugly nasty cloud I cannot possibly explain.
I instantly regained my confidence, my energy increased, I felt light & grounded within myself, a feeling I had been craving to feel for many, many years.

I had a lot of childhood trauma and addiction issues I was finding hard to move on and break away from, even after many years of medications and psychology treatment.

I cannot begin to explain the gratitude I have for Brett's help and healing work to release these nasty dark things from me that had so deeply weighed me down for so long!

The spirit release therapy has changed my life in such a positive way, I truthfully and wholeheartedly feel like I have a new lease on life and I am so excited to know I can finally move on without such angry, negative feelings blocking me from my own happiness anymore. I feel happy, light in my heart and excited about life, instead of being so angry at the world, aggressive and fatigued all the time.

I am so thankful for you, Brett. And i highly recommend anyone whose needing SRT to get in contact immediately! Your new lease on life awaits!!

With Love and deepest Gratitude,

Rebecca Hurley

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