No single one of the following symptoms means that you have an attached spirit although some of them are far more suggestive of attachment than others; for instance a negative voice in your head,  or catching sight of a different face in the mirror.


Also, symptoms of attachment are often associated with lethargy and a deep feeling that something 'strange' is going on inside, or that something goes wrong with almost everything you do. 


  • The feeling someone or something is constantly pulling you in a direction you don’t want to go.

  • You have never felt the same since an accident; after a stay in hospital; after an illness or a severe disappointment; after a bout of depression or after an unresolved conflict with someone.

  • Gender dysphoria.

  • You have dreams of dark entities harassing you or feel an unseen person in bed with you, or sitting on your chest.

  • Negative voices in your head harass you.

  • Positive, loving voices constantly with you. Usually the voices of people emotionally close to you prior to passing over.

  • Panic and anxiety attacks.

  • Migraine headaches.

  • People comment on how your mood has shifted into a negative state.

  • You find yourself being uncharacteristically angry or upset, desiring to hurt others, or feeling as if something is stifling you emotionally. 

  • Your personality changes and you find yourself uncharacteristically attracted to drugs, cigarettes or excessive alcohol intake.

  • Persistent tiredness, lethargy.

  • Onset of rage, paranoia.

  • Illnesses of unknown cause.

  • The feeling that someone is around you or watching you. 

  • You sometimes feel something moving in, or on, your body.

  • You have an issue you have taken to therapists who should have been able to help you, but for some unaccountable reason have not been able to do so.

 The Solution

I am able to safely, gently and permanently remove all types of attached entities, no matter how strong they may be or how long they have been with you. The method I use is gentle with no risk whatsoever to you as I free you from the negative influence of dark energies.

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        Clinical Hypnotherapist  
             Spirit Release Therapist

Spirit Release Therapy is the clearing of intrusive earth bound souls and other negative energies from your body and personal energy field. 

These entities may severely damage your health, permanently alter your mood and are often dedicated to sabotaging your life purpose. However, there is no need to spend your life struggling with an unseen foe.


Counselling - both individuals and for couples and otherwise related people, is often necessary in relationships in which attached entities have been present or where there has been some trauma in the past. I conduct most of this remotely in direct contact with the subconscious mind of the people concerned. Excellent results are often obtained. 

Physical healing, sometimes called spiritual healing, can be undertaken with good results once attached entities and relationship issues have been resolved and the body and mind are no longer in a constant state of stress. 

     The Therapists'       Mistake 

Therapists may treat a client for a problem unaware that an attached entity is actually the cause the problem, then wonder why they have not achieved the results their client hoped for.

 The tragedy is that so many people will struggle against such difficulties all their lives, unaware they are being influenced by an attached entity.

Entities That May 
Need Clearing


  • Earth-bound souls (EBEs)

  • Dark negative entities (DEs)

  • Projections of other people's personalities. (Fragments)

  • Thought forms;
     self generated or projected from other people.


  • Curses.

  • Intrusive Past Life Personalities

  • Soul from a terminated pregnancy. 

  • Extraterrestrials.



I am a clinical hypnotherapist from a government accredited college, registered with the Australian Hypnotherapists Assoc.

I have worked as a hypnotherapist

psychotherapist for ten years, and prior to that worked as a mental health caseworker for many years.

I am also a psychic and medium which makes it possible for me to perform spiritual release therapy, including remote cleansing and healing, working with the energy of the Christ Consciousness. (See my channelled book below.)

After working with non-physical entities for many years I have deepened immensely my understanding of the nature of and motivations behind spirit attachment, and methods of dealing with it, even with the strongest and most powerful spiritual entities.

Spirit Release Therapy gives 

immediate relief in most cases, sometimes from problems that have been present for decades.

Other Qualifications:

Diploma: Clinical Hypnotherapy

Diploma: Ego State Therapy

Diploma: Holistic Counselling

Diploma: Natural Therapies

Reiki Master

On Approaching and Surrendering To the  Divine Within You.

Channelled by Brett The Road Home will change your ideas about God, who you are, sex, relationships and the purpose of your life on this planet. Invaluable for revealing the egoic traps waiting for the unwary on the path to enlightenment. A must have for the serious seeker.

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Sample pages of The Road Home available on Amazon.


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