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About Brett:


I have worked as a Spirit Release Therapist and Psychotherapist for fifteen years. Prior to that I worked in the mental health field as a case worker, which was helpful in that gave me skill in differentiating between mental health symptoms and spirit attachment---an absolutely essential ability when performing spirit release work.


I studied hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic techniques, but early in my healing career experienced spontaneous events in which I clearly perceived controlling entities in some clients, which was the begining of my career in Spiritual Release Therapy. Clients improved significantly after removal of those entities, . 


Working with entities has increasingly involved working with the spirit world generally, which has in turn involved helping clients awaken to, and utilise, their own spiritual nature via the very safe method of working with the Higher Self, variously called the Holy Spirit or the Buddha within or the Real Self---the part of the mind still in direct contact with our Source, and therefore, a most reliable guide.

My clairvoyant abilities enable me to clearly see, and communicate with, attached entities. This skill is important because it enables me to differentiate between a client's personality characteristics and effects caused by attached entities or thought forms. Misdiagnosis can easily leave a client worse off than they were before commencing therapy, for instance, if a therapist attributes certain symptoms to attached entities when there are non actually present, the client may believe they are being attacked entities that neither the therapist nor the client can eradicate. That can leave a client feel disempowered, vulnerable and quite frightened.


Diploma: Clinical Hypnotherapy (Academy of Hypnotic Science)

Diploma: Ego State Therapy

Diploma: Holistic Counselling

Diploma: Natural Therapies

Reiki Master


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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