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This website gives you information on the types of negative entities that commonly attach to adults and children and the long-lasting personality problems they cause if left in place. I have spent a long time developing safe and effective protocols to permanently eliminate these dark energies; there is no need to suffer or wonder if you can be helped. You can. Read on. 

                 What It's All About

Behind the world we know with our five senses there exists a spirit world peopled with non-physical entities. Maybe you can't see them, feel them or hear them, but sometimes dark spirits or deceased people who have not moved on to the spirit realm can attach themselves to you influence your emotional equilibrium and  behaviour , perhaps for the rest of your life. Unaware of the internal influence you eventually come to think this distressing condition is your natural state, when if fact it is not. See below for a short list of possible symptoms of spiritual attachment.

Do you feel as if something is holding you back, sapping your confidence and energy?

Is there a part of you that talks you out of doing the things you really want to do tells you that you are no good, or a failure?

Have you never been the same since an accident, or hospitalisation or emotional upset, unable to get going and enjoy life as you used to, or suddenly feel uncharacteristically attracted to alcohol or drugs?

Do you get angry in a way you never used to?

Do you feel something comes to you at night in bed, or do you have recurring dreams about a dark entity.?

Do you fear someone is watching you, or feel that something is moving inside you?

Do you find it impossible to move on from your past relationship?

Has one of your children become uncontrollable or terrified of going to bed or to school?

A Mother's Comment:
I received the text below from a mother whose 11-year-old son had been behaving violently toward her, causing her to become fearful of him. I removed an earthbound entity from him – the spirit of a deceased adult male with some obvious anger issues, far too strong for an 11-year-old to  deal with.  


Hi Brett

Thank you so much for yesterday. Scott has been cuddling me, and telling me he loves me over and over again. We literally cried in each other’s arms this morning and apologised for our mistakes and promised each other we’d try harder. I feel like I have my loving boy back . . . and I haven’t seen him in many years.

Thank you.


Addiction, family violence, uncontrollable behaviour or fears in children, chronic tiredness, lack of motivation, lack of confidence and mysterious illnesses are just some of the effects of spirit attachment or negative thought forms that form destructive sub-personalities. 


The complaints caused by spirit attachment are quite common and notoriously difficult to remedy with either conventional medicine or alternative therapies. Some children are put on potent medications with pronounced side effects to control behaviour that is purely the result attachment by any one of a variety of entities. 

In my years as a therapist I found a surprising number of my clients experienced difficulties caused by unseen, foreign entities or thought forms attached to their energy fields. I now specialise in freeing clients from these hidden entities. Whether it be an entity in your house upsetting your children or an entity attached to and affecting you personally, I can clear it for you. 

Persistent, difficult to treat behavioural or emotional issues in both adults and children may also be caused by past life trauma. This too, is more common than most people imagine. Healing the effects of past life trauma is another area in which I work and in which the results are invariably positive

So if you suspect that it could be an attachment that is affecting you or someone close to you, or have a an emotional or behavioural pattern that has defied treatment, contact me for a confidential, friendly and free appraisal of your situation. 

      Three Stage Professional Therapy

Stage 1:  SRT

A full body scan to detect and clear entities from your energetic body and subconscious mind.

Stage 2:  Emotionally Focused Parts                           Therapy

 After you are cleared of attached entities and negative past life influences, Emotionally Focused Therapy enables the integration of formally conflicted or hidden  parts of the psyche that have previously prevented resolution of life issues. Such issues as childhood trauma, grief, depression, addiction, low self esteem benefit from this form of therapy. 

Stage 3  Mind/Brain Interface 
Creation of a visual representation of the changes in the brain as therapy progresses, including
* the erasure of entrenched, repetitive negative    thought loops
* the stimulation of new and creative thought    patterns
* A ongoing visual check on the establishment and   direction of new and creative thought patterns

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