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I provide powerful remote spiritual and energetic healing and clearing  including detailed written reports on your energy field and psychic status.

For more information on how I developed the ability and skills to perform this type of work remotely as well as face to face, go to the 'About Brett' page on the menu above. 


                 SRT Services Provided

Removal or Neutralisation of:

Dark Energies

Earthbound Spirits of Human Origin

Past Life Personality Parts (Trapped in the astral)

Curses (Both on individuals and families)

Psychic Attacks

Ghosts -- House and Site Clearings.

Unhealthy Attachment to Ex-partners 



Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks

Trauma, PTSD

Childhood trauma




Low Self Esteem

    Three Stage Therapy

Stage 1:  SRT

A full body scan to detect and clear entities from your energy body and subconscious mind. This includes tracing entities back to source and dealing with that source, if appropriate. 


Stage2       Central Nervous System
       Re-patterning & Functional Restoration.

Clearing attached entities will not always of itself resolve all trauma, mental health issues or behavioural disturbances. These types of issues always involve a disturbance to the electrical and chemical transmission pathways in the brain and spinal cord. These disturbed neural pathways  become fixed with use and prevent the restoration of normal functioning, and are very resistant to nearly all therapeutic interventions and techniques. Working remotely, I can directly and powerfully influence these systems and have good results with with clients with PTSD and autism, for example. 

Stage 3:  Emotionally Focused Parts Therapy

 After you are cleared of attached entities. negative past life influences and entrenched CNS disturbances, Emotionally Focused Therapy enables the resolution of patterns of thinking or behavior based on fear, anxiety, low self esteem etc, that have previously blocked resolution of life issues. Such issues as childhood trauma, grief, depression, addiction, low self esteem benefit from this form of therapy. 

Rebecca's experience

In a desperate bid to release the draining negative energy that was so deeply attached, impacting on my inner being and soul, I reached out to Brett for SRT. Upon first contact with Brett, I felt an absolute calmness come over me, like everything was going to be ok, and that he was going to take care of me. I trust in Brett & in his work and the results have been mind-blowing! After our first session I felt physically, mentally & emotionally different. I felt as though something so heavy and dark had been finally lifted and freed from my body, like a dark hovering ugly nasty cloud I cannot possibly explain. I instantly regained my confidence, my energy increased, I felt light & grounded within myself, a feeling I had been craving to feel for many, many years. I had a lot of childhood trauma and addiction issues,  I was finding it hard to move on and break away from, even after many years of medications and psychology treatment. I cannot begin to explain the gratitude I have for Brett's help and healing work to release these nasty dark things from me that had so deeply weighed me down for so long! The spirit release therapy has changed my life in such a positive way, I truthfully and wholeheartedly feel like I have a new lease on life and I am so excited to know I can finally move on without such angry, negative feelings blocking me from my own happiness anymore. I feel happy, light in my heart and excited about life, instead of being so angry at the world, aggressive and fatigued all the time. 


I am so thankful for you, Brett. And I highly recommend anyone needing SRT to get in contact immediately! Your new lease on life awaits!!

With Love and deepest Gratitude,

Rebecca Hurley

              What It's All About

Behind the world we know with our five senses there exists a world peopled with non-physical entities and energy forms, of both external and internal origin.  I am able to see and communicate with these entities, and over years of practice have developed safe and effective protocols to permanently eliminate them from your psyche. I then help you resolve the issues that made you susceptible to them.

Untreated they will influence your emotional 
equilibrium, behaviour and health -- both physical and mental -- perhaps for the rest of your life. Unaware of the source of these influence you eventually come to think the distress you experience is your natural state, when if fact it is not.

There is no need to suffer or wonder if you can be helped. You can. Read on. 

Sienna's experience. 

I've been on a spiritual journey for many years now and I have come a long way, however for some reason I felt stuck, flat and almost like I could not travel any further. One of my family members recommended Brett to me after having a profound healing experience herself. So I contacted him to see if anything was blocking my progress. I felt comfortable and like I was in good hands instantly.

 Brett guided me through some powerful inner child work and cleared away a large controlling entity that had been affecting my energy and limiting me my entire life. Once we completed the process almost immediately there was a shift in my habits and personality. My relationship with my Dad reconnected in a way never before after healing the aspect of my inner child. I feel free again and since our consultations I have made leaps and bounds in my spiritual awakening. For this I will always be grateful to Brett and I thank him sincerely. 


From Gayle

My seven-year old grandson was sick after his first vaccination and never regained his health. He was always sick with something and no treatment seemed to help. I decided to ask Brett to check him in case he had an entity in him making him sick. Brett checked my grandson and said that he took out the negative energy left over from the vaccinations. My grandson is now well again, and showing the energy he used to have as a small child. He is a Leo, but has never shown Leo characteristics. Since the clearing he is showing his playful, loving Leo nature.

Thank you, Brett. It is so good to have our grandson back again.

Gayle C.

    The Road Home,  Channelled by                          Brett Farrell

An invaluable guide on how to drop your         little ego self and approach and   
       connect to the awesome spiritual 
     power of your Real Self.

The two volumes of The Road Home will change your ideas about God, who you are, sex, relationships and the purpose of your life on this planet. Invaluable for revealing the egoic traps waiting for the unwary on the path to enlightenment. A must have for the serious seeker.

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