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Brett Farrell.  Psychotherapist and Spiritual Healer


Accurate entity removal

Create a space for positive energy to enter your life

Personality Parts Therapy

Regression Therapy

Past Life Trauma Resolution

Higher Self Access

Neurological issues
Internal voices


Relationship issues


Spirit Release Therapy (SRT)

In the spiritual sense, Universal Energy (chi, prana, aether) is all around us and within us: Everything is energy. It connects all life- plants, animals, even rocks and crystals!

By cleansing away the negative energy of the past, we can create space for new positive energy to enter our lives. When done with the proper intention, spiritual cleansing can have powerful and lasting effects on your physical and mental health and your overall spiritual wellbeing.

It can help you become more mindful and spiritually connected so that you can live with greater clarity, purpose, and joy.

Spirit release therapy followed by psychotherapy is a highly successful holistic approach.  You will receive professional care with protocols and techniques developed over 15 years of practice.


As a clairvoyant I am able to see and interact with any of the different forms of entities that could be affecting you, and then permanently and gently clear them from your system. UnIike most practitioners, I do not rely on unreliable 'guides' to tell me what is present in your energy field.

The processes I use are safe, very gentle and highly successful with both children and adults.

I work with divine energies(It's Safe):

Christ Consciousness And Your Higher Self!

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Sarah's testimonial

My experience with Brett Farrell has been life changing. I was uncertain of what to expect from my sessions, however I quickly learnt the power of Brett’s sight and profound healing abilities. 


Brett’s initial remote healing (that occurred at an unknown time to me) miraculously and simultaneously had a physiological, psychological and spiritual effect  within my body that rapidly altered and elevated my state of being. 


To my initial disbelief, he released an entity that was impossible to remove alone or through traditional therapies which was later confirmed in the session report. 


Brett’s subsequent face to face sessions of deep inner work allowed me to break through barriers of my psyche to help heal buried traumas fought for over 30 years.


Brett’s unfathomable ability to see and engage with higher entities and realms opened the floodgates of connection to a light source that was impossible to access on my own without his direction and guidance.


I cannot thank you enough for all your help Brett, you’re a true miracle worker / earth angel here in our own backyard in Melbourne sent directly from the Big guy or God/source energy. 



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